Katie Sengstake, Broker

Katie has over 15 years in residential real estate sales experience. She specializes in selling homes (condominiums, town homes, and single family homes alike) in the close-in east and west side Portland neighborhoods.

Katie lives in SW Portland, in the Hillsdale neighborhood, with her husband, three kids (who attend Robert Gray Middle School and Wilson High School), two dogs and one cat.

Katie’s approach to real estate is, by necessity, both businesslike and relational. The process of selling a home brings together a group of very diverse individuals, each with their own set of expectations, priorities, objectives, values, past experiences, and personal circumstances, in order to execute what is for most people the single largest financial transaction they will make in their lifetime. The combination of all these personalities (Realtors, mortgage brokers, escrow officers, home inspectors, buyers and sellers alike), high emotions, and high business stakes makes for an intensely charged and complex experience to navigate. To guide the process through to a successful conclusion, a Realtor needs both strong business and strong interpersonal skills. She needs to have a firm knowledge and understanding of the market, a high level of professionalism and objectivity, as well as refined social and communication skills.

Success for Katie and for her clients comes through an armory of information on the current market, recent sales, and relevant real estate-related issues; frequent, open communication; well-defined objectives; and tireless effort.


OR# 200310074